For children under age 4, every Sunday there is a well-equipped nursery available for parent-supervised free play, and activity packs are available in the back of the church for children who wish to remain in the service.
For children ages 4 to 12 (or Pre-K to Grade 6), Sunday School is offered every week, divided into three groups:  
Pre-K & K (ages 4 and 5); 
Junior Elementary (Grades 1 - 3)
and Senior Elementary (Grades 4-6).
Children join the congregation for the beginning of the service, then, if they want to go to Sunday School, they leave for classes following the worship songs early in the service -- just follow the other children when they leave! For first-timers, parents are encouraged to accompany their children. 
Faith and discipleship are taught in a fun and engaging manner through the curriculum used by our Sunday School teachers. Opportunity for social outreach is also provided, locally and beyond. For example, Sunday school givings benefit Blessing Home in Bangalore, India, and many of the elementary-aged children have participated in the annual Scotiabank 5km walk to benefit “Share the Warmth”.  
Musically inclined? Sunday school children who are interested are also welcome to join in the special Easter and Advent choirs. Parents and children are expected to commit to the schedule of practices for each of these occasions.
Every few months, we have what we call "Parents' Night Out" events, when parents are given the opportunity to go out while experienced leaders look after their children at the church and provide supper, crafts and games.