Baptism at St. Peter's

If you are a member of St. Peter's and wish baptism for yourself or your child, please speak to the Rev Chris Barrigar.

If you are not a member of St. Peter's and wish to have a child baptised, we regret to say that we only do baptisms for those who are members of St. Peter's. The reason for this is because of our understanding of the nature of baptism. In child baptism, part of what the parents are doing is committing themselves to raising the child in Christian community, and so part of the expectation is that the parents are already committed to regular and active participation in Christian community – and this should be the community in which the child is baptised. Furthermore, in the baptismal ceremony the congregation is asked to make commitments to the parents and child, but these commitments are impossible to fulfill, and hence meaningless, if the parents and child are not regularly involved in, and committed to, the life of the community in which the child is baptised.

If you wish to have your child baptised, but are not at present committed to a local Christian community, then we encourage you to join such a community -- perhaps St. Peter's if it is geographically close enough to you. Over time, as you deepen your own commitment to both Jesus Christ and to the church community you have joined, then it would become appropriate once again to consider baptism for your child.