Confirmation at St. Peter's
Confirmation is done for two very different reasons. The most usual reason is to make a public confession of faith in, and commitment to, Jesus of Nazareth. Adults who wish this type of confirmation for themselves, please speak to the Rev. Chris Barrigar. Parents who wish this type of confirmation for their children should note that the confirmation policy of Rev. Barrigar is not the usual Anglican policy. Although the normal age for confirmation in the Anglican Church is 12-15 years old, Rev. Barrigar only accepts candidates for confirmation who are at least age 18. 
This policy arises from the purpose of Confirmation, which is principally to publicly affirm one's commitment to Jesus Christ. As such, confirmation needs to be undertaken as a freely-made decision for oneself. Because the ideas and beliefs of children and youth are highly shaped by their parents (as indeed should be the case, since this is part of the natural role of parents), children and youth are not sufficiently free of parental influence to ensure that the decision to publicly confess their faith in, and commitment to, Jesus Christ has been genuinely made by the child or youth themself. Therefore, to ensure that confirmation candidates are truly confessing their own faith-decision, rather than what their parents want them to do, Rev Barrigar only prepares candidates for confirmation who are over the age of 18.

Twice a year, on the First Sunday of Advent and on Pentecost Sunday, we also provide opportunity for a public profession of faith during our Sunday morning service. (This serves the same purpose as confirmation, the difference being simply that a Bishop is not present for this occasion.) Please talk to Rev. Barrigar if you would like to pursue this option.
The second, and completely different, reason for confirmation is to be formally received into the Anglican Church of Canada from another Christian denomination. Those wishing confirmation for this reason please speak in person to Rev. Barrigar.