André and Fatima Leitão

Outreach Ministers

Andre and Fatima came from Brazil to the Church of St Mark & St Peter in 2022. They have been married for 27 years, and have two young-adult children, Eloana and Adriel, and a baby granddaughter. André graduated from the Baptist Theology College of São Paulo and Fatima has a degree in Theology and Education. Together they served for 14 years in Africa—in Mozambique, Uganda, and Egypt. During this period, they were involved in various projects including education, social services, sports programs, and discipleship formation. They returned to Brazil in 2013, where André led an organization serving refugees in São Paulo, including working with the UNHCR.

Fátima has served as a teacher for women in adult education, early childhood education, Bible, language training for refugees, and church ministry. Her passion is to teach children and to serve women, to help and visit others, and to share life. André’s passion is to mobilize people and find ways to serve those who are in need. He believes that one of the best parts of serving others is serving alongside others, and he will always try to mobilize as many people as possible to use their gifts and talents in showing love to others. André is also a certified soccer coach. If you are interested in showing love to your neighbor, or in talking soccer, feel free to contact him for a chat!