Di Keener

Coordinator of Sunday School and Family Ministries

Di is from Northeast Ohio. She grew up in the Baptist tradition memorizing scripture and singing regularly in church. Sunday school had a big impact on her life and she aspires to help children have a similar experience with Scripture and a positive experience of church. Di obtained a bachelor of arts degree in Bible and Christian Mission and sensed a strong call to missionary service. This call took her and her family to France for eight years, back to the United States, and ultimately to Canada. Her family has been connected at the Church of St. Mark & St. Peter since 2014. Di has also worked as a parenting educator serving families in difficulty. At CMP, she has enjoyed trying new things and taking risks. She’s quick to recruit others to adventure with her, so watch out! Di coordinates Parent’s Night Out (PNO) several times a year and is co-director of Junior Youth Camp each summer. When she’s not serving at CMP, she is caring for children at a local daycare. Di is married to Tim, and they have four boys—Eli, Ethan, Ezekiel, and Noah. She enjoys going on hikes and travelling with her family and her favourite TV series is Call the Midwife. Her self-care is a latte with a friend, and cooking with her husband. She never uses the same recipe twice, living by the motto, “Why make something the same way when you can find a new way?”